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World War Two British Army Issued Watches

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Maker Case Material Case Diameter Movement Caliber Front Back Inside
1 Buren Plated 31mm Cal 410
2 Cortebert Stainless Steel 31mm Cal 665
3 Cyma Stainless Steel 29mm Cal 162
4a Ebel
Push-through case
Stainless Steel 32mm Cal 99 (AV232)
4b Ebel
Screw-on back
Stainless Steel 32mm Cal 99 (AV232)
5 Enicar Stainless Steel 30mm AS 984
6 Font Stainless Steel 31mm FHF 150
7 Grana Plated 32mm KF 320
8 Lemania Stainless Steel 32mm Cal 27
9 Lemania
Centre Seconds
Stainless Steel 32mm Cal 27 (Centre Seconds)
10 Leonidas Plated 31mm FHF 186
11 Moeris Plated 33mm Cal 10C
12 Reconvilier Plated 33mm Cal 120
13 Record Stainless Steel 32mm Cal 106
14 Revue 57 Stainless Steel/Plated 30mm Cal 57
15 Revue 59 Plated 33mm Cal 59
16 Rotary Plated 33.5mm AS 984
17a Timor
Scalloped Back
Stainless Steel/Plated 31mm Cal 99B (P190)
17b Timor
Slotted Back
Plated 31mm Cal 99B (P190)
18 Unitas Stainless Steel 33mm Cal 173